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USBronco Services, Inc. 280 Donald Drive Fairfield, OH 45018 O: (513) 829-9880 F: (513) 829-2922
Mailing Address: USBronco Services, Inc. P.O. Box 181418 Fairfield, OH 45018 Physical Address: USBronco Services, Inc. 280 Donald Dr. Fairfield, OH 45014 Main Office: (513) 829-9880 Fax Line: (513) 829-2922 Email:
Mission Statement: Our Goal is to provide a seamless integration of the metering system chosen by our client, and to facilitate an electronic transfer of installation / exchange data in an effort to minimize the efforts commonly required by Utility City Staff. About Us: USBronco Services, Inc. is a national services provider with offices in Fairfield, OH and Dallas, TX. Our expertise encompasses the planning and implementation / installation of metering equipment to the utilities market. Sets Us Apart: As metering technologies advance there is a demand for a higher level of technical skill and competence from Project Management and Field Personnel, as well as a need to integrate to more complex systems in order to facilitate electronic transfer of exchange data. Performing the physical installation of a meter and AMR/AMI radio set is only 1/2 the effort, as a professional installation company you need to be able to collect and confidently handle the associated data. We understand these fundamental requirements and understand what is required to meet these needs. Our answer to this requirement was the development and deployment of our real-time data collection system, which is utilized today on every job. With this system we are able to manage all projects from a central location, to include importing city route data, perform periodic Quality Control checks of installation data, provide exchange data files and progress reports, and all steps in between. A unique attribute of our system is the ability to connect to any billing system; during the development process one primary objective was to be flexible with how we are able format exchange data to ensure compatibility with any billing system provider. We often receive correspondence from 3rd party billing providers complementing our staff on data integrity and how “smooth” we make the process run.
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