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USBronco Real-Time Data Collection System: With the technology available today it is hard to believe that many installation companies still collect meter exchange data with hardcopy and pen, then later hand key the data into a spreadsheet for delivery. We often receive calls from billing providers and utilities asking for assistance because their current installer “just lost 2500 accounts of meter data, and now we can not bill this cycle”. These types of issues can be overwhelming and sometimes unrecoverable without extensive rework and down-time. It is our belief that properly managing and handling billing and meter exchange data is equally important as performing a profession installation. In an effort to provide the highest quality of service to our clients we have developed a real-time data collection system. Besides greatly increasing efficiency, the purpose of the system is to securely store, manage and process meter exchange data, therefore removing the concern of lost and mis-allocated data. The installation teams access the System Server wirelessly utilizing a tablet. The route / account data is encrypted and transferred in real-time from the System Server onto the tablet at which time the meter data is entered. When the installation is complete and all data has been collected at the premise, the data is encrypted and sent back to the System Server. The installation data is received, processed and tracked in real time, not at the end of the day or end of the week. The overall process is handled through our Dallas TX office, which results in little to no interruption to the city billing department.
Data Collection
Interfacing to Billing Systems: A unique attribute of our system is the ability to connect to any billing system. During the development process one primary objective was to be flexible with how we are able format exchange data to ensure compatibility with any billing system provider. We often receive correspondence from 3rd party billing providers complementing our staff on data integrity and how “smooth” we make the process run Work Order Management System (WOMS): During the setup of the project, we develop a custom application for each site. The custom applications serves as the WOMS, data review, quality control and reporting. This application gives the user the ability to extract data directly from our system server. Daily Process: At the close of each day’s production the supervisor, or crew lead, will query the system server to review the data collected for that day. They can also review any day, or date range, by selecting the range from a calender built into the QC software. The data appears in a table format for easy viewing. This will serve as the initial data check. When the Supervisor, or Crew Lead, has finished reviewing their data, they will contact our Quality Control Administrator, who will also review the day’s production. The QC Admin will perform addition checks. Reporting: We prepare and distribute a production report on a schedule determined by the Project Manager and/or Client preference. The typical Production Report will show the daily production totals organized by Brand / Size. The report will also show the production quantity to-date.