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Water, Gas and Electric Meter Installation: Installing metering equipment and properly managing an implementation project is no trivial matter, in fact it takes years of experience and insight. Experience to handle unforeseen situations, something as simple as recognizing the age and type of plumbing of a water system and what special precautions to take to aviod breaking water lines, curb stops, etc. Our experience encompasses all common brands of metering equipment to include Invensys (formerly Sensus Technologies), Badger, Neptune, Master Meter, Amco / Elster, Aclara (Formerly Hexagram), and Hersey to name a few. Our installation expertise extends from small 5/8x3/4 residential meters to 12” fireline meters. For safety, knowledge base and efficiency we have commissioned a couple of large meter crews that travel from job to job to perform the larger meter installation, typically 3” and larger. Regardless of the meter brand, type or size, our baseline process is uniform and consistent. Every type of metering system in unique in terms of it’s purpose, functionality and form. In all cases we integrate our installation procedures and data collection / quality control process such that all separate parts function as one. As an example: as we install a meter and radio set, the radio will register itself on the network. Our QC staff will monitor the network to ensure in fact the radio did register itself and come on-line. If it did not report, the installation team would then go back to re-activate. This is just one example of a multitude of QC steps that we perform.
Meter Installation
System Survey: It is often advantageous to perform a survey of existing metering equipment prior to gauging the scope of work of a new implementation project. In some cases, surveying just the large meter base is sufficient, but most often time this depends on system’s history and the previous asset management performed. GIS / GPS: Collecting GPS data for each meter location, or asset, may be performed as required. The default resolution for collecting GPS data is 2 - 5 meters. Sub-Foot GIS Accuracy: We have you covered! For applications which require a higher degree of resolution offer sub- meter and sub-foot GIS data collection services.
Survey and GPS